Ticket Resale Team

Ticket Resale Team – The best way to sell concert tickets online

Ticket Resale Team is ran by ticket brokers and created for ticket brokers. Every night members will get an onsale list of the shows going on sale the next day. All members will receive ticket counters which tell you how exactly how many tickets remain. This is extremely useful when deciding what to buy and how much to buy. We have ticket counters for Ticketmaster, Livenation, AXS, Ticketfly. Click HERE to see an example of our ticket counter. Members also receive access to our custom made data/pricing tool. This will help decide what to buy, how to price, when to sell, and allows users to see previous sold listings for all shows. Click HERE for a preview of how our tool works. Software has also been created that alerts members as soon as a ticket restock takes place. Members also have 24/7 access to a Ticket Resale Team chat ran by our expert ticket brokers. This chat will be a community with other members of the Ticket Resale Team and filled with all ticket related discussion. Join our team today.