One thing people often think about reselling tickets is that they have to drive to venues and stand outside attempting to sell tickets. This is a common misconception and our staff of brokers who have over a combined 25 years of experience have not once done this. Everything is done completely online. All you need to get started is a wifi connection and some time. The first step to get started is to watch our training videos. These are created for new members to ticket reselling. We start at the basics and work our way up to some advanced professional brokers methods.


Once you complete the training videos that means its time to get set up on technology. One very useful and powerful tool we have is our data tool. This tool has many uses, two of

the most important are being able to see sold listings on Stubhub and being able to track ticket counts for shows.

Once you get set up on the data tool the next step is to get set up on our ticket counters. The ticket counters tell you how many tickets remain for shows on AXS, Ticketmsater, Livenation, and Ticektfly. When you go to an event page and click on the counter extension you will see the categories of tickets left with prices and if they are resale or primary tickets. If you leave the counter open you will see an orange bar, it moves to the top and then back to the bottom it will refresh. This can be helpful if wanting to see how a show is selling.

Another tool that will be helpful to our members is the restock monitor. This monitor alerts users when new tickets are released to shows. Members have done extremely well purchasing tickets that are restocked.

A major part of becoming a ticket broker is learning what shows are going on sale each day along with their presale codes. Each night we provide a list of events going on pre and public sale the following day. Once we post the list our experts will give their opinions on shows and help users decide which to target. With these tools we offer along with our staff and community we are confident that we our members will be in a position to succeed as professional ticket brokers.