Ticket Resale Team has been a great way for me to make a side income to supplement my regular job as a real estate agent. Being in TRT has really allowed me and my family extra money each month which has made a big difference in all of our lives. One of the things I love most about ticket reselling is that I can do it on my schedule and from my home or office. I also seem to be getting better at it each month. My profits have gone up every month that I have been in the group. The technology has really helped me as well. I cannot imagine going back to purchasing, pricing, researching tickets without the counters and data tool. Recently seeing all the stub hub sold listings in the data tool has made me life much easier.

Before I got into ticket reselling I was constantly looking an extra revenue stream. I tried many different things but found that the money was not worth working the extra hours for me. With ticket selling I can still be able to send time with my family. Also with other side income ventures I have taken part in they are not constant. One month could be a great one and the next month very dry. I have found that tickets due vary month to month but there is always show to make a profit on.

To get started I took things very slowly. I did not rush into it and made sure I watched all the training videos. The chat was very helpful as well. Ticketresaleteam.com is a community of members where everyone has the same approach and is in the group to help each other. The staff is extremely professional and I was constantly doing them for the first few weeks. I made my first investment and started from there.

Over the next few months I really got the hang of things. I got set up on the tools offered by TRT and got set up on all the other tools that professional brokers use. This really took everything up to the next level. From that point on I haven’t looked back and have continued to put in the time and effort it takes to make a steady side income. To be successful you definitely have to put in the time and research. I have seen that members that really research shows and are active in the chat are the ones who have made the most money. Having this new side income is something I am very thankful for. I continue to work hard and put in the time and effort it takes to be successful. I have only been in the group since January but feel that I have already learned so much. My only regret is I did not find the group sooner. One other great thing is that the staff are always staying up to date on the latest ticketing trends. I also cannot wait to see all the technology that ticketresaleteam.com is planning on adding as well.

Member since January 2019