Ticket sales software is a very important part of ticket reselling. Before joining ticketresaleteam.com I did a small amount of ticket reselling experience. I would occasionally buy and sell tickets occasionally when I saw a show that I really thought would be popular. I would mainly stick to shows in my area. I would just buy a few tickets and then sell them directly on one of major ticket reselling websites. I had no idea about all the tools that professional ticket brokers use. These tools really opened my eyes and made me realize that I actually had no idea what I was doing when I was buying and selling tickets on my own.

The first and one of the most important tools I got introduced to by ticketresaleteam.com was all the different browsers that brokers use. These browsers help you search multiple ticket windows at the same time. Before ticketresaleteam.com I would just search events using a single browser and my mobile phone. I was at a huge disadvantage and did not even know it. With these browsers there is many cool and helpful tools that come along with them. They all make the process of buying tickets much easier. Some of the browsers are free and others have a monthly fee. I started out using the free browser and then eventually upgraded to the paid browser. Ticket Resale Team was able to set up a group discount with the most popular browser and it was 100% worth the money.

Another piece of technology that I was introduced to by Ticket Resale Team was services that post your ticket listings to different websites at the same time. Before Ticket Resale Team I would just post my ticket listings to one website. The staff introduced and explained the first service that allows your tickets to be posted on two secondary mark places website at the same time. This service is free and extremely helpful. I got many more sales with being able to list on multiple sites. If the tickets sold on one site they would be automatically removed from the other site so no double sales would occur. From there, I learned about other services that post your tickets to every website at the same time. This really helped me get a great amount of sales. This was a paid service but just like the browser it is 100% worth the cost.

Along the way I have learned a great deal about technology as well. The staff and other members were able to help me get a new set up for my office and opened my eyes to how important technology is in becoming a successful ticket broker. Overall, without joining this group I would still be selling tickets on just one website and only using one browser to make purchases. I would also be using outdated computer with a slow internet connection as well. The staff and members could not be more helpful and joining ticketresaleteam.com has really made a positive impact on my life.

-Member since December 2018-