Tool will help you to search events by certain keyword from ticketmaster/livenation and stubhub. You will get top search result from “Ticketmaster/Livenation” and “Stubhub” menu -> search events.

To get event detail and ticket information you have to know the id of event for all ticketmaster, livenation and stubhub.

You can get event ids from the ticketmaster, livenation and stubhub.

Once you know the event id, you can find the event detail and tickets data.

After clicking the “Find now” button, you will get the event detail and current ticket data.

If you want to save the searched event into your package, click bellow button.

Then this event will be stored in your saved events package.

In the stubhub search result page, you can see active and sold listings.

You can save your interested events in your own package.

Here, you can add new single event, upload from csv file and download as a csv file.

When you upload events from csv file, you should list all eventids in one column.

For the saved events, you can see tracked tickets information.

In setting page, you can manage the tracking options of your saved events and set the email notifications.

Tool will pull tickets information for your all saved events every day(by default), and getting nearer to the date of event, the frequencies of pulling data is getting faster.

Tool will pull data every 6 hrs from 5 days before to 2 days before, every 3 hrs from 2 days before to 1 day before and every 1 hr in the day of event.