TRT Member Blog

“Ticket reselling has had a huge impact on my life. I started my journey back in November. The training videos provided me with all the ticketing knowledge needed. From there I started slowly and gradually built up my inventory. Every step of the way the guidance from the TRT staff could not have been more helpful. When I started out I was just hoping to make a few extra dollars per month. After about 5 months I realized that I was making more buying and selling tickets then I was at my current job. I am in the process of switching to focusing on tickets full time. I know have a passion for buying and selling tickets and it allows me to spend more time with my friends and family instead of working crazy hours at my old job. I can not wait to see what comes next in my ticket journey with Ticket Resale Team.”

-Member since November 2018-


“I found Ticket Resale Team this past month and it has really taken my ticket broker game to the next level. I have been buying and selling tickets casually on my own for the past year or so. Ticket Resale Team really opened my eyes to how the professional brokers do business. The ticket counters are a very useful tool that really helped me. I noticed that the ticket counters were crucial in my decision making process and really helped me know when to buy a concert and when to pass on a concert. The data/pricing tool was also extremely beneficial. This tool helped my quickly pull up sold listings for an event and track ticket counts for events. I use these tools daily and as a direct result have seen my ticket selling profits increase.”

-Member since April 2019-


“The community that has been created in Ticket Resale Team is hands down one of the best groups I have ever been in. Members all work together and share tips, information, and strategies. Everyone has the same mindset that we are all on the same team. Each member also has their different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to being a ticket broker as well. I have gotten excellent tech advice from other members and I have been able to contribute to the community with alerts for added shows/new shows coming on sale. The staff really sets the tone as well. Ticket resale team is ran by professional full time ticket brokers who are very well connected in the ticketing industry. They created a community where everyone has truly become a family. Staff has worked one on one with me and really coached me through many different situations. I appreciate everything the Ticket Resale Team has given to me.”

-Member since December 2018


“I have truly loved learning everything there is to know about buying and reselling tickets. Ticket Resale Team has grown my passion for becoming a full time ticket broker. I did have some previous experience but learning from professionals has really opened my eyes. My favorite thing about Ticket Resale Team is being able to talk tickets basically 24/7. Before I found this group I would try to talk about tickets and shows going on sale with friends but they did not have much interest. In Ticket Resale Team we discuss artist, tours, make predictions, and help each other out with any ticket related question we have.”

-Member since March 2019-


“One of my favorite things about Ticket Resale Team has been the technology it has provided me. The ticket counters, data tool, and restock monitor are all very helpful. I remember the first day I joined Ticket Resale Team the restock monitor alerted me of two tickets released to a sold out show, I was able to cart two tickets make the purchase. I sold them minutes later for a $250 profit. Each month I have been a member of Ticket Resale Team I have seen my profits steadily increase. Having this extra income in my life has allowed me to take a vacation I never thought would be possible. Members and staff of Ticket Resale Team are very professional and I know that I am learning from the best as the staff have over 20 years combined experience.”

-Member since January 2019-


“Buying and reselling has always been something I have been interested in. I had no prior experience buying and selling tickets until I joined Ticket Resale Team. Two of my friends were in the group and could not stop talking about it. I was skeptical at first but decided to give it a chance. I could not be more happy that I tried Ticket Resale Team out. I have made more money buying and reselling tickets in just a few months then I did in a year combined selling other goods online. I was so impressed with how knowledgable the staff was. It was obvious that they are professional brokers and wanted to take what they learned and teach others the right way how to be ticket brokers. One of my favorite things about Ticket Resale Team is the the round table discussions that happen where the staff sets up a voice chat and members can ask any question they want. These are very helpful and really make buying tickets the next day much easier. I love just being able to pick their brains and learn how the pros buy and sell tickets.”

-Member since December 2018-


“I have always been interested in how to become a ticket broker. I sold a few tickets here and there on the side but was not serious about ticket reselling. I stumbled upon Ticket Resale Team a few months back and it totally opened to my eyes to how much potential their is in the reselling tickets. I am often traveling for my full time job so I love being able to buy and sell tickets from anywhere. Its very convenient for me and the chat really keeps up to date on everything going on in the ticket industry. I really love all the tools as well they really help in my ticket buying process. One thing I also love is how Ticket Resale Team is always adding new technologies and features as well.”

-Member since January 2019-


“Even with having a few years experience buying and reselling tickets before joining Ticket Resale Team I still find it very helpful in many different ways. I love all the partnerships that Ticket Resale Team has with different ticket related companies as well. The partnership discounts that Ticket Resale Team members get has really saved me a lot of money in regards to my ticket related expenses. One other thing that has been a major help is all the connections the staff has with the major ticket companies. I had a buyer claim that the ticket I sold them was invalid. The staff was able to get to use a connection they had who could get to the bottom of the issue and prove that the ticket I sold the buyer was actually valid. It ended up saving me a great deal of money.”

-Member since November 2019-


“Just wanted to take a minute to really thank the Ticket Resale Team staff and members. Its a great group of people overall and I have grown really close with a few members. I have made more money this past month already then I would working my regular part time job. Its also fun waking up every morning ready to buy and sell tickets. I am very thankful to all that have helped me get started and the people who have helped grow during my journey into becoming a ticket broker.”

-Member since February 2019-