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Ticket resale team is the best and safest way to learn how to buy and sell tickets online. Ticket reselling is more popular then ever and our team of professional brokers is here to help. We have a community of online ticket resellers in USA that work together to determine the most profitable events for buying and reselling.

Why resale concert tickets?

– Convenience

Everything is done from your home at your pace. Some of our members are being and selling each day, others do so only a few days a week based on their schedule. Most of the tickets we are buying are all electronic with shipping required.

– Learn from the best

Our team of brokers has decades worth of experience. The ticket industry is constantly changing and we are always staying ahead of the curve and adapting as needed. Our experts are here to help you every step of the way.

– Easy

Tickets brokers in USA start small and then gradually grow as they gain experience. All you need to get started is our training videos and some free time. Most of our current members have full time jobs and have been using their profits from ticket selling as a steady side income.

What our members say

You might think that being a ticket broker means you have to be a legitimate business but anyone can become a ticket broker. When it comes to signing up and filling out forms for companies don’t be afraid to just use your name for company information.

Once you’ve gotten comfortable with the industry of tickets and are looking to move to the next level. You are going to want to start and looking for a POS company that will take you as a new applicant. As soon as you getting accepted by one of these companies, you will be able to sell tickets on a much larger platform. For myself, after I got signed up with my POS, I was able to move tickets a much larger quantity. With a POS, it also helps keep all of your events you have purchased in one place while also keeping track of all of the finances behind it.

After you understand the in’s and out’s of your POS, your next step will be looking to get a auto processor for handling your ticket sales/ orders. I never realized how useful this would be for myself until my inventory was a massive list. The auto processor made my life easier, it took care of completing most of my orders and got me live on almost 14 other exchanges to sell through.

By getting this far, you already know that most internet browsers are useless when it comes to que’s. Find the right web browser and it will increase performance from yourself. Insomniac Browser is one the industry only web browser that is proven useful for purchasing tickets. This company doesn’t come cheap though, but is one of the only ways to increase your chances for buying tickets

Hey coach, I am closing on my first investment property on Tuesday. There is no way I would have had the capital to purchase this property this quickly if it wasn’t for TRT and the guidance you have given all of us on how to be a successful ticket broker. You are welcome to you this for the site if you want but I mainly wanted to say thanks for going above and beyond to give us the resources to be successful.

You will only get what you decide to put in, and what I mean with this is for Ticket reselling its a non stop grind once you understand the dynamics of it. If you think you can just start reselling tickets instantly for crazy profits those opportunities only come once a full moon, but finding lowkey artists or having done the research your odds will be a lot higher to make good profits. I started trying to take ticket resale seriously this year and it’s been a very long road but extremely rewarding. The profits I make from tickets helps cover most of my rent, tuition, and fun costs for myself.

Being part of a helpful community can change your perspective on how you look at ticket reselling. I never once heard of the artist ********* and when her general on sale happened I was able to profit over $350 in the mater of 4 hours. But if I were listening earlier and joined in when most members bought during the presale I could’ve had the potential to make that much more. Regardless of that though, without the other members we have in our group I never would’ve heard of this artist and missed on easy money.

Showed me the signs I need to be weary of for future events that are showing those trends.

Throughout my entire process of ticket reselling, I have been able to make enough profits to buy and build a brand new Desktop workstation. I never thought I’d get the opportunity to be able to just to just make a purchase like this and not be affected by it. Now I use the PC I built as my day to day workstation for everything ticket related. I even use the profits I make to cover for my phone payments every month which is super convenient

You never know who your gonna meet in our group and its best you treat everyone like you’re trying to establish a business connection with. I’ve seen so many toxic groups in the past that only bring out negativity, but at least with us our little community is geared towards helping each other learn if they are also willing to put in the work. Even when you least expect it, someone who you look up in the group might be the one asking you for some help and if you are able to create that connection with that person they are more than willing to help you down the road when you’re gonna need that connection.

Once you’ve taken that leap of fate to become part of a community, things will start to pick up for you rather fast. As soon as you enter the community a lot of information is going to be tossed your way and believe me when I say it can be overwhelming at times for its own reasons. When you feel comfortable enough to purchase on a ticket, you even have a whole community you can ask for their opinion for.

The first steps you should do when you join the group is to make sure you get set up with all of our custom made tools exclusive to TRT only. The moment you settle in and find yourself ready to buy tickets, all of our custom made tools will increase the confidence of each purchase. Whether it be a quick sale or hold, it’s always best to get your listing live on the exchanges. Once your listing is live it’s always best to watch how the market reacts to the event you are wanting to sell. When you watch how the market reacts early, its able to give you a lot of information about how that event might possibly resale, so just by making sure you pay attention to certain trends can help you make that much more money.

After you purchase your first tickets, you’re gonna wanna make sure you have a stubhub/vivid seats account set up to sell on. These 2 are the majors exchanges for new people to get started with and both come with good added features after using their services to start with. To receive payments it’s always easiest through paypal or direct deposit, but getting to this step requires you to actually have sold your tickets. Payments are not instantly given after a sale, usually you will wait around 1 week from the sale to receive your payment.

Organization is key to success! When I first started all I had was some scrap paper writing mumbo jumbo everywhere, it wasn’t until I found TRT where past professional brokers would share with us how they keep all of their documents in order. Things can get lost fast in tickets when you have too many accounts and emails are coming in from all the place, so it’s always best to know where everything is at so you can find the information quick if you run into a errors with your tickets. There are services that automate this for you, but I find the most pleasure in it when I’m the one whos updated the numbers and certain lists for myself because it keeps me on check for my organization and I get to add in any custom counters I like using.

Find a work space at wherever you are and make sure you are comfortable putting in countless hours in that area. This is really important to me because in the morning that will make you get up and start to move around. Making sure you are fully awake or as much as possible will help with decision making. And once you get up and start your morning routines, it is a lot harder to just crawl back into bed. Every minute can become crucial at times and by being the most awake you can will help you focus on the main tasks you are doing.

Be open to everything people are saying, you never know where it can lead you. When other members are talking about shows sometimes there can be days where there’s over 25+ shows on sale the next day. It’s important to just listen/and or read what everyone is saying and taking down your own notes about it. Whenever you find time to do some research, the notes you took down from earlier can be a key starting point to where you end up putting your research. For most people, this is just the start of their research. You will be able to find countless of more ways to learn about artists from other ways members like to use.